Meet MyPoint Credit Union | Formerly Point Loma Credit Union (2024)

Point Loma Credit Union Has Become MyPoint Credit Union

Our Story

We've been a part of San Diego for decades, and we've had employees and members stay with us for just as long. And in those decades we've stood for different things in different people's minds. All that heritage is an important foundation, and we can draw from it when needed.

But our past story doesn't have to define our future story. As part of our branding work, we've found the right parts of our past to take into the future.

We're dedicated to continuing our culture that helps you do life on your own terms and are excited to show you what our next 70 years look like.

Meet MyPoint Credit Union.

Meet MyPoint Credit Union | Formerly Point Loma Credit Union (1)

Move from Location-Driven to People-Driven

  • While we're extraordinarily proud of our Point Loma Credit Union history, we knew that it was time for a new name.
  • One that honors our past and guides us into the future.
  • One that delivers on a new banking experience that's all about members and everything you want to do.
  • One that isn't defined by a neighborhood, but is focused on helping you do more.

Why MyPoint

MyPoint helps you realize everything you want to do in life and then helps you do it with products and services designed just for you.

  • It is a clear and compelling evolution from Point Loma Credit Union, and positions us effectively to connect all actions to deliver on our new vision and purpose.
  • It has a unique convention by using MY in the name.
  • It has a familiarity and connection to Point Loma Credit Union for members who have known us for decades, but will be a strong standalone for new members.
  • MyPoint puts our members first, always.

Our Purpose, Promise, and Vision

Our Purpose and why we exist: We help you do.
Our Promise and how we deliver on our purpose:

We offer a range of products, tools and services to help you make the right decisions so you can get exactly what you need, when you need it.

With over 70 years in our industry and a deep commitment to our members, you will know we'll always have the support and guidance you need.

We help eliminate barriers that stand in your way so you can dream bigger and do more.

Our Vision and the change we want to see in the world:

A community of people who are able to do life on their own terms.

Becoming MyPoint

On October 1st, 2019 we officially became MyPoint Credit Union. From now until the end of the year, our branches, credit and debit cards, websites, and marketing materials will undergo a transformation from Point Loma Credit Union to MyPoint Credit Union, but our amazing team and dedication will not go anywhere.

It's our commitment to you and genuine love for what we do that unites every single one of us. Because, at the end of the day, we're not just tellers or managers or loan officers -- we're your confidants and we're the ultimate proponent of you doing you. We're all in this together, and we support each other in any way we can, so we can all do what we do even better.

So tell us what you'd love to do. We'll help you do it.

What's behind our MyPoint logo

Meet MyPoint Credit Union | Formerly Point Loma Credit Union (2)

  • Our graphic represents the journey we are helping you travel through life, from beginning to end.
  • The intertwined arches in the shape of an M represent your life journey.
  • The point in the graphic is our nod back to our history.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know this can be a little overwhelming and want to help you with any questions you may have. Please find the below FAQs regarding some general information. If you still have questions, please contact us directly at 888-495-3400.

Other FAQ Questions

I have a digital wallet downloaded into my phone. Will my access be affected?

No, it will continue to work with your current debit or credit card. However, once you receive your new debit or credit card, you will need to update the card information in your digital wallet.

How will I access your mobile application?

The mobile app will continue to work. We will update the logo, name and login page.

Will I have to re-enroll in online or mobile banking?

No, there is no need to re-enroll in online or mobile banking. Your login information will remain the same. You will see our new name in online banking shortly.

Will this change affect how you report my loan(s) on my credit report?

The only change will be the new name. Your existing loans will be displayed as Point Loma Credit Union instead of MyPoint Credit Union.

What if I send an email using the old address?

If you use an existing Point Loma Credit Union email address, you will be redirected to the new email address.

Who do I make my loan payments out to? Point Loma Credit Union or MyPoint Credit Union?

You can continue to make checks out to Point Loma Credit Union. That will change eventually, but for the immediate future, we will continue to accept checks made out to Point Loma Credit Union. As of October 1, 2019, we will also accept checks made out to MyPoint Credit Union.

Meet MyPoint Credit Union | Formerly Point Loma Credit Union (2024)
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