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The meaning of The Devil Tarot card is ‘desire.’ When it appears in general, love, career, or business readings, you can be assured that the situation will revolve around the physical world, for better or worse (but usually worse).

The Devil Tarot Card

Sex and greed are indicated by The Devil. You may choose a relationship based on physical attributes instead of emotional ones.

Because The Devil represents earthly pursuits, addiction is a possibility. There may be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or an emotional bond that you just cannot break. Enormous amounts of effort are needed to overcome your vices.

Abuse and cruelty are also predicted with The Devil. You could be the victim or the aggressor. There is a possibility that you’ve fallen into a trap. You believe that you’re always the victim, but this is not the case; others may have suffered at your hands.

The Devil also warns that your pursuits are destined for failure. What you are pursuing now will bring you nothing but anxiety and emotional pain. However, you’ll keep going back for more because you feel you can’t help yourself.

Historically, (pre-Rider-Waite Tarot), The Devil card represented an occurrence which, although predestined, was not intended purely for evil. An example of this could be the destruction of a relationship that’s not meant to be so that you can go out and find someone better-suited.Like most negative Tarot cards, there is always a brighter future beyond The Devil.

The Devil Love Tarot Meaning

Love & Relationships

The Devil does not look good for love Tarot readings. It can predict abuse and control for either you or your partner. Often, ill-treatment may appear more psychological than physical. One of you will want to dictate what the other does, says, acts, and feels.

I have performed many love-orientated Tarot readings in which The Devil has appeared because one of the partners has addiction issues. Usually, this is a sign that your lover will struggle with their addiction throughout their lifetime. The sober partner is going to have to either accept that recovery is going to be a life-long commitment or move on.

(If you would like more love and relationship Tarot meanings for The Devil, be sure to check out my Love Tarot Meanings E-Book).

The Devil Feelings Tarot Meaning

If you’re asking your Tarot cards whether someone has feelings for you, The Devil is a bad omen. This card means that they have intentions that you do not desire. For example, they know they can manipulate your emotions and use your feelings to their advantage. Their attraction to you is also purely physical. In relationships, they’re out for themselves.

The Devil Future Tarot Meaning

Unless it’s a reading that involves your own greed, power, and influence, The Devil is not a good card to get in the future of a Tarot reading. In these cases, it can represent plans that are doomed to fail. Because you are so emotionally invested in the situation, you won’t see the writing on the wall and stop when you should; you’ll keep pushing for this thing to work when the odds are against you.

For readings that do involve you reading your own power, greed, or influence, the future of this matter looks favorable in the sense that it will work out, but that you’ll have to sacrifice your morals and values to succeed. By the end of this matter, you’re going to be questioning what type of person you are to have done the things you’ve done.

When it lands in an outcome position of a love reading, The Devil can mean that your relationship will fail in the future, but that you and your lover will remain emotionally and spiritually bonded. This bond could be because of control issues or because of something less devious (such as having a child together).

The Devil Business & Career Tarot Meaning

For business and career readings, I would read The Devil more favorably than I would for other types of readings unless it appears in an outcome position. If it appears as an outcome, The Devil means that you're going to work yourself into the ground for something that’s doomed to fail, no matter how much effort you put into it.

In general, The Devil can mean that you have to do what it takes to beat your competition. Your industry will get harder and harder to dominate, and you could have to default to unscrupulous actions to achieve your desires.

Are you planning on doing something seedy? The Devil is giving you the go-ahead. If you want the thing more than you want anything else, The Devil is a sign that you’re going to do everything it takes to get it.

Yes or No with The Devil Tarot Meaning

General –I would read The Devil as a no, but because of its nature, I know that won’t stop you from pursuing what you’ve asked about. However, if you’re willing to do anything it takes to get what you want, The Devil is a yes.

Do they like me? – Yes, but they want to use you for their own selfish needs.

Am I pregnant? –In most cases, I would not interpret The Devil as a card that’s positive for pregnancy. However, although Tarot is no substitute for medical advice, I have seen this card pop up to represent pregnancies to exes with whom you no longer wish to be connected.

Is this relationship going to last? –This relationship will last as long as your partner can be bothered with you.

Does the future of this look promising? –The future of this matter does not look promising unless you’re trying to obtain money, power, status, or influence.

Am I going to reconcile with my ex? –Reconciliations do not seem likely unless your ex is going to use you for sex or for somewhere to stay.

The Devil as a Negative, Weakness or Obstacle

In a Tarot spread, The Devil often appears in a negative, weakness, or obstacle position when someone in the matter (either the seeker, their lover, or friend) does not have pure motives and is driven by the wrong things.

The Devil will appear as a negative when someone in the matter is jealous, greedy, or sexually intense. They don’t want a relationship or career for the right reasons. In these cases, all rarely ends well.

The Devil as a Positive, Strength or Advantage

There will be times when The Devil appears as a positive, or when your Tarot cards advise you that you should act like The Devil. In these cases, The Devil predicts that you will step over others to become a winner. Your desire is strong enough that you will do whatever it takes to get what you want.

I’ve also seen The Devil appear as an advantage to symbolize the fact that the seeker is magnetic. There’s something about you that causes people to want to give you the things you desire. Everyone involved in the matter is almost supernaturally drawn toward you.

Finally, I have seen The Devil appear as a positive when the seeker has done something wrong but will get away with it, especially when it appears in combination with a card such as the Seven of Swords. So, if you’ve cheated on your partner or stolen something, your deception will not be exposed, or even if it is, you can manipulate your way out of any trouble you land in.

Closing Thoughts on The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

The Devil is a feared Tarot card, but it is not something you should always worry about. In some cases, The Devil can be okay in a Tarot reading - its meaning just depends on your circ*mstances.

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That’s all for The Devil Tarot card meaning! Remember, you can discover more love Tarot meanings (and the feelings of your lover) by checking out the Love Tarot Meanings E-Book.

The Devil Tarot Meaning - Love, Future, Feelings, and More! — Lisa Boswell (2024)
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