The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (2024)

The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (1)

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The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build centres around buffing the Abundance character's attack. Since Luocha's ability to heal scales with his attack, as opposed to his HP, this means he can both deal damage and heal your party. If that wasn't enough, his Abyss Flowers provide passive healing to allies when their health drops below a certain level, and he can even remove buffs from enemies with his Death Wish ultimate.

Honestly, Luocha is absurdly powerful; not just as a hybrid healer/damage-dealer, but as a character that can remove debuffs from allies if you unlock his Cleansing Revival bonus ability, and buff the attack of your whole party or provide a shield with his first two Eidolons. He's basically an Abundance, Nihility, and Harmony path character rolled into one powerful package. Here, I'll explain the Luocha build I recommend based on his kit, plus a list of his abilities, and ascension materials.

The best Luocha build

The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (2)

Luocha is what you'd call an aggressive healer since, unlike Bailu or Natasha, his ability to heal scales with his attack as opposed to his HP. This makes him very strong, and able to both deal damage and heal the party at the same time. Ultimately, this means that buffing Luocha's Outgoing Healing stat doesn't provide as much value as simply buffing his attack, so you'll want to prioritise that.

  • Light Cone: Echoes of the Coffin or Cornucopia

Luocha's five-star Echoes of the Coffin Light Cone is the best option for him, increasing his attack by 24% and granting allies 12 speed for one turn when he uses his ultimate. He also regenerates three energy for each different enemy he attacks, up to three times. Considering the ultimate in question targets every enemy, this is a pretty effective method of energy regen. The extra attack stat the light cone provides will also buff his healing.

There aren't any particularly great four-star Light Cones for Luocha, so for a less rare alternative I'd recommend the three-star Cornucopia. This Light Cone buffs Outgoing Healing by 12% when the character uses their skill or ultimate. Since Luocha creates healing Abyss Flowers with both of these abilities, this should provide a decent amount of value, especially as it'll be easier to superimpose it up to 24% considering its three-star rarity. It's true that four-star Light Cones have higher attack overall, so if you have a Quid Pro Quo or Shared Feeling hanging around it might be worth using, but in ability terms I think Cornucopia is the strongest of the less rare alternatives.

  • Relics: Musketeer of Wild Wheat (Four-pieces equipped)

While the Passerby of Wandering Cloud set buffs Outgoing Healing, it's better to simply increase Luocha's attack, as this gives him both better healing and damage. Musketeer of the Wild Wheat increases attack by 12% for two-pieces and buffs speed by 6% and basic attack damage by 10% for four-pieces.

While Wastelander of Banditry Desert is an option for that 10% Imaginary damage boost, I think Musketeer is better for an attack buff, since that extra speed will help Luocha meet the secondary condition of the Space-Sealing Station ornament I'm recommending, granting him a further 12% attack. In terms of main relic stats, attack is a good shout, but you could also go with an Outgoing Healing on your chest. As mentioned, you also want to make sure Luocha is over 120 speed for that extra attack buff.

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  • Planar Ornaments: Space-Sealing Station (Two-pieces equipped)

The Space-Sealing Station set buffs attack by 12%, and a further 12% if you hit 120 speed. If you're using Echoes of the Coffin as your Light Cone, its speed buffing effect might help you do that, but otherwise Musketeer should help you reach it. Stat wise, I'd suggest Imaginary Damage Boost on the sphere, and either attack or energy regen on the link rope. All in all, this should help Luocha provide decent healing, damage, and ensure that he acts often to stack those Abyss Flowers.

Luocha abilities and Eidolons

Here are Luocha's combat abilities, bonus abilities, and Eidolons you can upgrade him with using additional copies (thanks to Honey Hunter for the info):

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Basic attackThorns of the Abyss: Deals Imaginary damage equal to 130% of Luocha's attack to a single enemy.
SkillPrayer of Abyss Flower: Luocha immediately restores an ally's HP equal to 70% of his attack plus 1025, and gains a stack of Abyss Flower. When an ally's HP drops below 50%, an effect equivalent to Luocha's skill is triggered and applied one time. This effect can be triggered again after two turns.
TalentCycle of Life: When Abyss Flower reaches two stacks, Luocha consumes them and creates a field covering enemies. When an ally attacks an enemy in the field, they restore HP equal to 21% of Luocha's attack plus 308. The field effect lasts two turns.
UltimateDeath Wish: Removes one buff from all enemies and deals Imaginary damage equal to 240% of Luocha's attack. Also grants one stack of Abyss Flower.
Bonus abilityCleansing Revival: When Abyss Flower effect is triggered, remove one debuff from an ally.
Bonus abilitySanctified: When any enemy in the field is attacked by an ally, all allies restore HP equal to 7% of Luocha's attack plus 93.
Bonus abilityThrough the Valley: The chance to resist Crowd Control debuffs increases by 70%.
TechniqueMercy of a Fool: Luocha's talent is immediately used at the start of a battle.

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Ablution of the QuickWhile the field is active, attack of all allies is increased by 20%.
Bestowal From the PureWhen his skill is triggered, if the target ally's HP is lower than 50%, Luocha's outgoing healing increases by 30%. If the ally's HP is higher than 50%, the ally receives a shield that can absorb damage equal to 18% of Luocha's attack plus 240, lasting two turns.
Surveyal by the FoolSkill level +2 up to a maximum of 15. Basic attack level +1 up to a max of 10.
Heavy Lies the CrownWhen Luocha's field is active, enemies become weakened and deal 12% less damage.
Cicatrix 'Neath the PainUltimate level +2 and talent level +2 up to a maximum of 15.
Reunion With the DustWhen his ultimate is used, there is a 100% fixed chance to reduce all enemies' all type resistance by 20% for two turns.

Luocha Ascension materials

The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (3)

Here's what you'll need to ascend Luocha:

  • Five Artifex Modules
  • 15 Ancient Spindle
  • 15 Ancient Engine
  • 65 Golden Crown of Past Shadow
  • 300,000 Credits approx

The easiest way to get Artifex Modules is through your daily assignments, so be sure to send some characters out to gather them. Once you have a bunch, you can upgrade them in the synthesiser to get the spindles and engines you also need. You can also get them by defeating Entranced Ingenium on the Xianzhou Luofu.

The Golden Crown of Past Shadow comes from the Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Mirage in Backwater Pass on Jarilo-VI. You can farm any extra credits you need from the Golden Calyx.

The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (4)

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The best Honkai: Star Rail Luocha build (2024)
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