The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (2024)

Key Meanings (Upright): Obsession, adultery, dependency, mental illness, secrecy, and consumerism are just a few of the negative behaviours that might occur

Key Meanings (Reversed): Detachment, independence, kicking the habit, freedom, revelation, regaining control, and realisation

The Devil tarot card description

The Devil, also known as Baphomet, is depicted on this card in his most well-known satyr form. The devil has bat wings, an inverted pentagram on his forehead, and is half goat, half man. He is positioned on a pedestal that has a naked man and lady bound to it as if to demonstrate his dominance over them. Both the man and the woman have horns as if to demonstrate how less human they become the more time they spend with the Devil. The chains give the impression that they are being held captive by the devil.

The woman has a bowl of grapes on her tail while the guy holds a torch, signifying their dependence on power. If you look closer, you'll see that although they appear to be being imprisoned here against their will, the shackles around their necks are actually lose and could be taken off with ease. They all have tiny horns on their heads that resemble the devil's, a symbol that the longer they stay here, the more like him they will become. In addition to their shared tails, which are symbols of their primal inclinations and animalistic tendencies, the grapes and fire on each tail stand for the emotions of pleasure.

The Devil (Upright)

Upright The Devil tarot card meaning

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (1)

The Devil Tarot card can represent sadness or addiction in a generic sense. It might also indicate a sense of confinement or entrapment. This Major Arcana card in the tarot reading encourages a sense of being constrained by external forces or circ*mstances that are out of your control, leaving you feeling helpless and victimised. But The Devil conjures up an illusion like this. You are responsible for your own actions and are only constrained by the attitudes and behaviours you choose to display. Maintain your resolve and refuse to cede control. You are under no obligation to put up with anyone's negativity, criticism, trickery, or mistreatment.

No matter how hopeless things may appear on the surface, you always have options and you can always take constructive steps to improve your position. Be conscious of how you treat others and make sure you are not attempting to manipulate or control anyone in your life. The upright Devil in your Tarot reading may also represent impetuous, compulsive, or secretive behaviour. It can be an indication that you are losing control. The Devil Tarot card may indicate that you have developed an unhealthy obsession with material possessions, status, or power. It is also a symbol of materialism. Put your focus on the things that will make you feel truly fulfilled as a person since these things won't.

Love and Relationship (Upright)

The Devil may indicate that you or your partner feels trapped if you are in a relationship. It might represent a loss of independence brought on by getting too involved in a romantic relationship. This degree of codependency is unhealthy, as the Devil demonstrates. Take a step back and work to rekindle some interests that aren't related to your relationship. It can also mean that you or your partner is experiencing relationship problems due to mental health problems. If so, get a competent counsellor to help you both through this difficult period. The Devil Tarot card can represent a variety of negative emotions, including abuse, dominance, deceit, and jealousy.

In a love tarot reading, the Devil represents lust and temptation. With this card, there may be a sense of hedonism and a purely self-centered quest for satisfaction. It can also refer to just pursuing all of life's material pleasures under less dire situations. There is nothing wrong with having a little fun, but when you do it, be careful not to damage or mislead other people. It is up to you to let your dates know if you're merely searching for hookups. If someone decides your lifestyle isn't for them, be careful not to put pressure on them. The need for communication is greater than ever.

Finance (Upright)

Your diligent efforts to ensure that all of your bills are paid are indicated by The Devil Major Arcana tarot card. Things can be a bit tight right now, so you might need to perform a juggling act. This card might occasionally also indicate the necessity for you to make some crucial financial decisions. You probably currently find yourself on shaky ground as things seem to be very unpredictable. Since everything seems to change so suddenly, you could be very afraid to make that decision. You'll be able to handle this issue just well if you stay flexible. Ahead, this card in the tarot session indicates that you are trying to manage your finances, balance the books, or determine your income and expenses as well as your profit and loss.

When this card shows up in your Tarot spread, you might be moving money about to pay bills, and you should generally keep a watch on what's going in and out of your account. It may also mean that you're under a little stress or anxiety about having to make significant financial decisions. The issue can feel a little overwhelming right now, but you are resourceful, and if you remain adaptable to your surroundings, you will succeed. The Devil tarot card is a generally uplifting card that shows that, if you maintain composure and reason, any financial strain will only last a short while. You have chances to succeed, so take use of them.

Career (Upright)

If you pull the devil tarot in a career tarot reading, you may be managing several tasks at once. It's likely to be busier than usual at this time, and either things get thrown at you at the last minute that weren't supposed to be your duty or you've been taking them in order to advance your status. How much you can handle and how resourceful you are may astound those around you. This should only be a transient state, in theory. Keep an eye out to make sure you don't take on more work than you can handle or that your coworkers and managers don't start assigning you all the work that nobody wants to do.

Make sure you receive enough compensation if this continues. This card occasionally also suggests striking a balance between your personal and professional objectives. The Devil card can indicate that you need to make a business decision in a job Tarot reading. For instance, you might be considering starting your own business or leaving your current, stable position in search of a new one, but you're not sure whether to take a chance or not. You cannot avoid risk in life; it is a part of everything worthwhile. All you can do is reduce the risk as much as you can before determining if it is worthwhile.

Health (Upright)

The Devil card suggests that you combine your personal and professional obligations with your health demands when it comes to your general well-being. Don't forget to set out time for both eating well and exercising. It is advised not to try to do too much too soon while beginning a new, healthy eating plan and exercise programme. Instead, it is advised that you ease yourself into these activities. The Devil card represents your efforts to achieve equilibrium in all spheres of your life, which will enable you to flourish and advance on your spiritual path. As you begin to understand the fulfilment a healthy mind, body, and spirit can bring, you shall realise that life is about more than just material wealth.

Furthermore, this Major Arcana card also foretells that people must keep in mind that not everything is worth stressing. If you wish to set things right, make sure you play safe and keep proper track of your well-being. Natives getting this card (upright) must also be alert on roads. You might face some troubles and become prone to accidents. Moreover, sharp things around you can cause you harm. Also, if you are a health freak, the card could indicate some distractions. Thus, keep things in line as much as possible.

The Devil card (Reversed)

Reversed Devil tarot card meaning

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (2)

In the reversed position, the Devil card can indicate that you are attempting to juggle far too many different responsibilities in your life. To relieve the stress, you should at the very least take a brief pause. If you feel like you can't take everything, you should think about your own well-being and give yourself some breathing room. The reversal of the Devil card in your line of business can be auspicious. You will become overwhelmed if you commit to too many things. When the Devil card is upside down, it warns you that you are overcommitted and occasionally find it difficult to keep up with your busy schedule or pay your expenses.

You might need to give your obligations greater structure by using budgets, to-do lists, advance planning, a diary, and efficient time management. Reject opportunities that no longer support your objectives. The Devil card in reverse can also mean that you are putting too much money into one aspect of your life to the detriment of others. The Devil card reversed can mean that you are trying to take on more than you can handle in general. It's conceivable that you're juggling too many tasks at once and are unable to maintain harmony in all of your life's spheres. This Minor Arcana card denotes feeling overextended, disorganisation, and feeling overwhelmed.

Reversed, the Devil card can suggest that you are making bad decisions out of stress and may be getting yourself into more trouble than you need to. It can also mean that you need to prepare for inclement weather with backup plans. The Devil card' cons are personified when it is reversed. The continual unbalance is starting to overwhelm the juggler, who fumbles the coins. The Devil card invites you to look for imbalances in your own life and devise plans to correct them when you are upside down. To do this, discover techniques for lowering stress while relaxing your body and mind.

Love and Relationship (Reversed)

When the reversed Devil card occurs in a love tarot reading, you can find it challenging to maintain your balancing act. You might not even be aware that your partner is feeling neglected because of all the disputes and demands on you. There may be some animosity since it appears that everything is more important than they are because they feel that they are being ignored. If you're single, this card may indicate that you may need to choose between two potential partners or that you are now too busy and overworked to prioritise romance in your life. Take your time, and come back when you're prepared to create room for love in your hectic schedule.

When the Devil card is reversed in a love tarot card, it can mean that you are trying to juggle too many things and aren't making time for your relationship. Your focus may be diverted from your relationship due to concerns with work, money, family, etc. Your relationship may be on the verge of disintegrating as a result of this stress, which may be resulting in conflicts and animosity. It may also allude to having to decide between two relationships. In other words, having an affair. If the Devil card is reversed and you are single, it may mean that you are too overburdened with obligations to devote the time necessary for a new relationship to blossom.

Finance (Reversed)

Resources could be limited, and it might feel like you can't seem to find out how to pay all your payments no matter what you try. Rent, groceries, utilities, and then all of a sudden, poof, it seems like money is spent as fast as it comes in. Unfortunately, this situation is not unusual. Examine your budget carefully, or make one if you don't already have one, to determine where you can make savings. Find a side project that can help you make some extra money, or ask for a raise. If you can, hiring a specialist to assist you in developing a plan may be advantageous to you. You must learn how to live within your means in terms of your cash.

Since overspending may become a serious problem, especially when you are being pulled in a lot of different directions, the Devil card reversed interpretation advises you to be mindful of your income and outgoing expenses. The Devil card reversed is not a positive omen in a financial Tarot reading since it portends money losses and careless financial choices. It's possible that you just overspent and now realise that you wasted your money. Whatever the situation, it is pointless to mourn over spilled milk. All you have to do is start improving your decisions by learning from your past errors. Make a plan to pull yourself out of debt if you are in debt and seek professional guidance.

Career (Reversed)

The Devil card reversed in a career Tarot spread can suggest that you are overextending yourself and taking on too much. Failure is a sure thing when you try to juggle too many things at once, so set priorities and, if you can, delegate some of your workloads. You merely need to look for possibilities to lighten your workload or organise your workload. You could perhaps already be feeling the effects of taking on too much. If that's the case, accept that there's nothing you can do about the past other than to take what you've learned and go on.

Rest, refocus, and then begin again, this time a little more systematically and wisely. There could be looming deadlines and constant pressure. You may be under a lot of stress right now because of your job. The time is now to advocate for yourself, solicit assistance, renegotiate deadlines, and prioritise your work. If you're not careful, items might slip through the cracks and cause you extra problems. The sooner your employer or coworkers realise that you are simply human, the better it will be for everyone.

Health (Reversed)

The Devil card reversed in a health context denotes that you may be pushing yourself too far in other spheres of your life, which could be harmful to your health. You may experience physical disease or injury as a result of having too many things on your plate, which can lead to severe stress and anxiety. If so, you should take some time to relax and reset. Just keep in mind that it's crucial to give your health the attention it requires; if you run yourself into the ground, you won't be any help to anyone. Reversed, the Devil card can suggest that you are not living in a balanced spiritual way, which might be hindering you from following your spiritual path.

This could be a result of your excessive attention being drawn to your career, accumulating a fortune, or attempting to achieve everything. It could also be due to your overstretching yourself. To find harmony between your mind, body, and soul, you must carve aside time for yourself. Also, make sure things don’t go downhill. If you are not into exercising, start as soon as possible. Avoid acting on things too much. Things will be great with the right efforts and attitude. Ignore the distractions that people or situations place in your path.

Devil card: One Card Pull

When you need concise, to-the-point solutions, only one card is pulled. It is used for situations where you need definite, Yes-or-No replies. Therefore, getting a one-card pull is usually beneficial if you are going through a difficult scenario or are trapped in a bind. After the card has been shuffled, you can pick one from the deck. You will receive the appropriate response to your query. The outcomes of one Devil card pull are as follows:

Upright Position: When the Devil card appears as an answer to your query, it is recommended to interpret it as a "maybe" rather than a definite "yes" or "no." This tarot card is the quintessential illustration of the necessity for balance and consideration of all available possibilities. You will eventually see the definitive solution.

Reversed Position: The Devil card in reversed position is most effectively read as a resounding "no" to your inquiry. There is too much going on, which is currently causing a feeling of overload. Eliminating things that no longer serve you is the best way to shift your mindset to a more optimistic one.

Devil Card for Timing

The Devil card foretells that a crucial idea of dedication to success will be put into practise. This incident could happen in the upcoming weeks or years. If you draw the Devil card in response to a query about the time of an event, it indicates that your wishes or questions will come true. Even so, it will take time because an Earth element denotes growth, although slow and steady growth.

It would be difficult to say how soon that is because it may be autumn or a zodiac sign season for Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. It can also be counted in months, or around the 2nd, 20th, or 29th, of a month. Keeping in mind that whatever you are inquiring about is arriving slowly but definitely, you should interpret this in a way that allows you to determine the time. The ideal method for determining the time while using the Pentacles Suit is to always assume two to three months in the future.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning (2024)
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